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Our focus is ON creating a meaningful and tailored celebration by using meticulous Planning, flawless
execution and exquisite attention to Detail

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We Reflect your specific style


There are many wonderful planners available to you, so why us? Many planners are known for having their own specific style. We believe that a wedding should reflect the client's style. Take a look through our galleries to see the variety of design options and colors used.

We plan weddings for the modern couple regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation. In a nutshell, we believe in love. Period.

The Client Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

the experience

In addition to producing a beautiful event, it’s most likely attention to detail and Gina’s personality. She’s a great listener. She’s also compassionate and understanding and has a great sense of humor. The entire La Cosa Bella Staff is the hardest working crew you will ever find. We’re all pretty much obsessed with making sure each detail is perfect and that our clients do no work on the wedding day.  

What is La Cosa Bella Events best known for?

In addition to being on the preferred planner lists for several venues, our weddings have been featured locally and nationally in print and in popular wedding blogs. La Cosa Bella has won several Best Wedding Awards through the International Live Event Association. In addition, was an International Esprit Nominee Top Three for Best Wedding under $75K. Although we didn’t win it was fun to fly to Texas and meet planners from all over the world. 

What recognition have you received?

Yes, and like many local planners we are shifting the description of this service to Event Management. We typically book Event Management within 4 - 6 months of the actual wedding day. Our rate for this service starts at $2,000.

Do you offer Month of Coordination?

Yes, we do. It’s actually a specialty of ours! Whenever tenting is involved there is more required planning before the tent install and more required on-site time during installation as the tent is typically set up 2 – 4 days in advance of the wedding day. Other tenting elements also often come together prior to the wedding day. Even though it’s more complicated, we love it!

Do you plan tented events?

We love all guest counts! Most of our clients have weddings in the 120-person to 220-person range with budgets in the $40K to $80K range. Our larger weddings tend to have 250-person to 450-person guest counts with budgets in the $80 - $200K+ range. Our Destination weddings out of the country have had 45 – 65-person guest counts with budgets that range from $40 - $80K (this range includes accommodations + 2 – 3 on-property events)

What type of guest counts and budgets do your clients have? 

Often with Partial Planning or Full-Service Planning clients prefer to break out the planning fee into three payments. The retainer for these services is 40% - 50% with another payment due half-way through planning and a final payment due 14 – 30 days in advance of the wedding. Event Management is 50% down and 50% 14 – 30 days in advance of the wedding day.  

How are payments made? How much do you require as an initial retainer?

Here are snippets from actual reviews, “amazing”, “beyond expectations”, “stress free”, “absolutely beautiful”, “seamless”, “flawless”, “perfect”

If your past clients were asked to describe their wedding day, what would they say? 

We love, love to travel (personally Gina has traveled to over 30 countries and is still counting) and therefore love to plan destination events for others. This level of service requires Full-Service Planning. For destination clients, we also provide transportation planning, accommodation bookings, make sure clients understand all legal requirements for marriage and we plan all other on-site events.

Do you offer Destination Planning domestically and internationally?

The Planner's Planner

Are you worried that no one else can plan better than you? Do you want to relax and enjoy the wedding day and be able to fully trust your Wedding Planner to execute your dream vision? Then we are your Planners. If you don't love to plan and have no idea where to start, we are your Planner too. We hear you. We listen, we advise, we create and we execute your wedding day while you enjoy your celebration and have fun with your guests.

As planners, designers and logistics experts we are passionate about creating lifetime memories for our clients and we are devoted to including those details that create the ultimate guest experience. We believe in providing a collaborative experience that expresses your style.

Collaboration + Connection = Ultimate Trust on the wedding day

This is a joyful and special time in your lives. Let's reduce your stress, and save your precious time, by helping you navigate the planning process.

Meet Gina

gina myers

meet gina

My motto was and always will be quality over quantity

When I started La Cosa Bella Events ten years ago, I put a great deal of forethought into the vision and the goals of the business. From the beginning, it was important that each client was to have the benefit of the La Cosa Bella experience, which would always include absolute attention to detail and the assurance that their event was going to be beautiful and custom tailored to the individual client's personality. My motto was and always will be quality over quantity, and although we're doing more business now we will not take on more than we can handle. As you enjoy looking at the Gallery images, consider that every client shown had a different budget. While they had different budgets, note the quality and overall beauty of each wedding. At La Cosa Bella, our winning formula for a magical day includes a beautiful setting, amazing food and a fun reception with the impeccable service and attention to detail that has earned La Cosa Bella multiple industry awards and recognition. A La Cosa Bella Bride is a happy bride, that's my personal promise.

Meet the Team



We are a team who truly cares about the success of each special occasion or event we get to be a part of

I have had the privilege of being a part of La Cosa Bella Events for nine years now. We are a team who truly cares about the success of each special occasion or event we get to be a part of. From weddings to charity polo events, planning a beautiful event is what we care about. Through the years my role with the company has been tailored to the food and beverage aspect of an event. My background in fine dining, bar-tending, and hospitality make me an integral part of every event. I understand the timing of service and how to relate and communicate with catering professionals. I enjoy the variety of ways food can enhance an event.

I take pride in setting up for events. I am extremely particular about the placement of a fork, the fold of a napkin, or the spacing between water glass and champagne flute. I assure that all elements are set correctly and that everything just looks beautiful. For me, the best part of any event is in the small details.

Meet the Team

stephanie cissel


I have a love of all things wedding related

It was while sitting at a local coffee shop one summer when I knew that event planning was my calling. Surrounded by several open planners, journals, and every highlighter I owned, I knew I had found my happy place. This still describes my day-to-day life. I am constantly making to-do lists, scribbling down thoughts in my notebook, or penciling everything into my calendar.

I have a love of all things wedding related, am extremely organized and a planner by nature, so I cherish the daily opportunity to practice my passions with La Cosa Bella Events. Each member of La Cosa Bella brings something different to the team, which makes us all work so well together. My expertise in social media, marketing, and blogging allows La Cosa Bella to reach and connect with more and more people everyday.

Meet the Team

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