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Lifestyle with Gina Myers

 While she loves to cook, baking is her love language and favorite recipes will be shared. Life is messy, but hopefully when you read this blog you will get some small takeaway that will help you to be organized and bring a bit of joy into your own home. 

Gina lives with her husband John and children in Raleigh and their three beloved dogs, Ziggy, Scout and Ruby Belle. Together for 31 years and married for 27 they've been blessed with three amazing children, Jordon, Nathan & Corinne.  

Gina is a North Carolina-based Wedding Planner who began her event business eleven years ago. Finally, after a ten-year career in Washington, D.C. and thirteen years of raising their children, she was able to begin to bring her event planning business to fruition. As a professional planner, and in her personal life, Gina is always striving to find ways to be better organized. On her journey to find new ways to be organized, she will share her tips and strategies with you. Gina will also share life tips in general and what she's learned through her interior design hobby and her love of cooking and taking care of her family and pets. 


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Gina Myers is a North Carolina and Destination Wedding Planner. Based in the Raleigh Durham Area, La Cosa Bella Events provides full planning services, month of services, event design and partial planning. If you desire a North Carolina Planner who has received multiple local awards and international recognition for planning services, contact us today.