April 21, 2017

Man’s Best Friend | La Cosa Bella Events | Wedding Planner

Here at La Cosa Bella, we are all avid animal lovers, especially dogs! We’ve been seeing so many cute inspiration photos for dog being in weddings, we wanted to share our favorites with you. When deciding to have your dog or animal in your wedding, there are a few tips that you should remember:

  1. Assign a pet helper that will bring your dog, watch your dog on site, and will take your dog home post ceremony.
  2. Have your pet helper bring a disposable dog bowl that so that your dog has plenty of water while waiting.
  3. Bring lots of doggy treats!!
  4. If you are immediately leaving for your honeymoon, make sure your boarding facility knows the name and contact information for your pet helper who may be dropping off for you.
  5. Also make sure you have completed boarding papers in advance and that your dog is current on shots so there are no surprises when the pet helper drops off.


Read all the way to the end to see pictures of Gina, Stephanie, and Suzann’s dogs!

You may even want to include other animals that are special to you! How cute is this lamb?!

We also love when pets are a part of engagement session! This is perfect if you want to include your pet but do not actually want them at the wedding. Our couple Meghan and Zach included their sweet pup and bunny in their engagement session!

And how cute are Derek, Allison, and Maya!? (photo by: foxtailphoto.com)

Gina has three dogs, and they all have their own unique personality that matches up so well with her three kids! Take a look at Scout, Ziggy, and Ruby looking oh so cute in their bows and bowties! (photos by: foxtailphoto.com)

This is Taz, Stephanie’s adorable paperanien pup! (photo by: foxtailphoto.com)

And this is Suzann’s sweet Coconut!

We all love our dogs and we love when our brides do as well 🙂

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