July 27, 2018

First Look and First Touch | La Cosa Bella Events | Wedding Planner

This week we are sharing tips about first looks and the alternative, a first touch. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these terms, a first look is when the bride and groom have a private moment with just the photographer and videographer present. A first touch is when the couple does not want to see each other before the ceremony but still wants to have a moment alone to talk or exchange notes (usually takes place around a door or wall so they do not see each other). 
Before we get into more information about both, we want to stress that if you have any doubts about a first look (because you want to save the reveal for the aisle) we highly suggest you DO NOT do a first look. While we think first looks have many benefits, we understand that many brides dream of their husband seeing them in their wedding dress for the first time walking down the aisle. This is something to also discuss with your parents as they will not be on hand to watch. Your Planner needs to know about adding either option well in advance so that time is accounted for in your timeline. 
There are many great things about a first look. Wedding photographers love to do a first look and will strongly encourage it. First, is that you get to share a private moment with your future spouse before the eventful day starts, and for many people this calms their nerves and allows them to enjoy the ceremony without being as nervous. Secondly, because you have already seen each other you can complete all of your wedding party and couple’s portraits before the ceremony.  If you do not do a first look, all of the family, combined wedding party and couple’s portraits are done during the traditional cocktail hour. This is beneficial to the couple that has a large family. 
In order to have full wedding day coverage of getting ready photos, first look, and full reception you will need extra photography coverage. If you are considering a first look, we highly suggest budgeting ahead of time for 10 hours of photography coverage. A first look adds at least two hours to the front end of your wedding day coverage that you could avoid otherwise.

If you are not interested in a first look, a first touch could be the option for you! This allows you to still calm your nerves by being able to talk with your future husband/wife without seeing one another. We think this is such a sweet option if you want to save the reveal for walking down the aisle. A first touch will also allow you to save some time and you won’t necessarily need as much photography coverage.

While a first look may be practical from a photography standpoint, make sure you’re 100% confident in your decision. 
If you would like to communicate before the ceremony, we hope this insight will help you choose which is the perfect fit for you. Whether you do a first touch or a first look we think they are both wonderful options!

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