January 20, 2022

My Favorite Chocolate Treat Recipes | Lifestyle with Gina Myers

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Given the upcoming predicted snow storm, we thought this would be the perfect time to share yummy chocolate recipes!  

I have been making this chocolate cake recipe for decades. To this day, my kids still ask for this cake over others.  My trusty tube pan is no longer silver.  I am not sure where I originally came across this recipe but it’s a keeper as it only takes me about 10 minutes to make. 

Triple Chocolate Cake

1 box Devil’s Food Cake Mix

1 small box Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix

1 8-ounce regular sour cream

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup vegetable or canola oil

4 eggs

1 12-ounce semi-sweet Tollhouse chocolate chips 

1 can of Classic Chocolate Frosting


Pre-heat oven to 350 degreesSpray a tube pan with Baker’s Joy (includes flour). Combine all ingredients except the chocolate chips. Mix well with a spoon and then add the bag of chocolate chips Spread evenly in the panBake for 60 minutes (do not underbake).

Gina’s tips:

Run a knife around the outer edge of the cake to loosen the cake after it is fully cooled.  Lift out the center of the tube pan andthen run a knife along the center tube and the bottom to loosen and lift the cake onto your designated plate or cake stand. 

Remove the outer lid and pull back the silver cover from the frosting. (ALL of the silver cover) Microwave for 40 – 45 seconds. I take a knife and make several cuts in the top of the cake and then I spoon liquid frosting over the top running it down the sides.  

If pouring the chocolate frosting over the top is just too much chocolate for you, sprinkle the top with white powdered sugar instead. 

This is amazing warm with vanilla ice cream!  

Candy Bar BrowniesThese brownies are decadent but oh so easy!

1 Family Size Box of Brownie Mix

3 4.25-ounce Hershey Symphony Bars with Almond and Toffee Chips

Other ingredients listed on the Box


Pre-heat the oven to what the Brownie Mix recommends. Spray the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan. Lay aluminum foil on the sprayed pan covering the sides and extending over the handles. Spray the bottom and sides of the aluminum foil with Baker’s Joy. Pour half of the batter in the prepared pan. Lay the 3 large candy bars across the batter (top to bottom not side by side). Pour the remaining batter on top of the candy bars and ensure the candy bars are covered sufficiently. Bake time will be determined by the box recommendation.


Gina’s tips:

Don’t skip the aluminum foil step!

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