April 7, 2020

A Red Keep Wedding |Game of Thrones | Dubrovnik, Croatia |La Cosa Bella Events

Stephanie and I debated on whether or not to do a serious blog on COVID-19 or to keep it light hearted and inspirational. After being shut in for weeks now, we decided to focus the blog on two things we both love which are travel and weddings. Given my family no longer has vacation plans this summer due to COVID, I’ve been thinking about our vacation last summer. So this blog is a combination of reminiscing and encouragement. If you have difficulty booking a venue in 2021 due to rescheduled 2020 dates, think outside of the box when you are picking your location. Once travel bans are lifted, and we can be together again in groups, let’s never take it for granted again. Let’s start with Dubrovnik, Croatia where Game of Thrones was filmed! (I’ll list pros, cons and recommendations for the location at the end of every location blog.)

Four out of five of my family members are huge Game of Throne fans (still are despite the horrible ending) so when planning our travel itinerary we ended our vacation with a few days in Dubrovnik.

I’m sure you have seen Game of Thrones themed weddings complete with references to the extremely popular show. But what if we told you that you could have your very own destination wedding in the actual Red Keep in Dubrovnik? Fort Lovrijenac is the real name of this recognizable landmark and is open for weddings and events! Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful coastal cities you will ever visit with the most amazing views. If you are a fan of the show this is the perfect location for you!

Picture this, your guests are staying at the same hotel as the cast members and they can walk to the restaurant overlooking Blackwater Bay in Kings Landing where you are hosting your Welcome Cocktail Party and/ or your Rehearsal Dinner. From here you can see the towering Red Keep, allowing guests to have a peek at where the wedding will be! When the wedding day arrives your guests walk up stairs to the Red Keep and are met with beautiful views looking back over Blackwater Bay into Old Town Dubrovnik. Consider having your ceremony take place in the center of the Red Keep where you are surrounded by the beautiful arches and architecture of the historic building. Then your guests could ascend to the upper terraces for an intimate dinner overlooking the bay with stunning views and sunset! After dinner guests would go back down to the center of the Red Keep to dance the night away!

We couldn’t think of a better location for a destination wedding, and even more so for anyone that is a Game of Thrones fan!


-This is a popular location, especially for UK Brides, as there is only 5 days of rain in either July or August. August is the hottest month with the average high temperature at 83 degrees.

-The view of the Adriatic Sea is breathtaking and the location for your wedding will be unforgettable.

-There are lots of group activities and towns outside of Dubrovnik guests can explore.

-The Fort does have modern restroom facilities.


-The Red Keep is not handicap accessible. Guests will need to walk up stairs.


-For safety, I recommend having security at certain locations on the stairs leading to the Red Keep (especially after drinking!).

-Dubrovnik has been overrun with film crews for both series and movies. Please keep this in mind and be respectful of the locals.

-When planning wedding activities, I would research cruise schedules and try to avoid the heavier cruise passenger days. We did notice that it was less crowded later in the afternoon.

-The standard currency is the Croatian Kuna. Many of the hotels and larger restaurants will take a credit card. Not all will accept Euros. I recommend ordering Kunas from your bank prior to leaving the states.

Red Keep Wedding Photos

(we do not own the rights to these photos, credit give for each photo)

Scenery around Dubrovnik, Croatia (Love my Iphone!)

Kings Landing

In the Red Keep

Scenes from Game of Thrones

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