April 16, 2020

Dreaming of Post-Pandemic | Thoughts from La Cosa Bella Events

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With the current state of the pandemic the focus (as it should be) is on safety and the physical aspects of avoiding COVID – 19. However, I have yet to hear much about the psychological effect of staying home and how it’s affecting my friends, family and associates in the wedding industry.  

One day, after we are safely through the Pandemic, if I were to write a book about my experience these would be the titles of my chapters:

Chapter One:  I put make up on to clean my bathrooms

It’s been weeks since I’ve put on full make up. This morning I looked forlornly in my make up drawer.  Not too long ago I complained about constantly putting on full make up for meetings.  Now I look at my liquid eyeliner pen and hope I still have the skill to use it.  I recently told one of my fave photographers that I haven’t put on my red lipstick in three weeks.  Ginny was immediately concerned…

Chapter Two:  I wish my laundry room was a mess

During peak wedding season (okay even during non-peak season), my laundry room floor is often piled high with dirty laundry and clean laundry is piled on my counters to be folded. It’s spotless right now. Even my bored high schooler and college guys are following our laundry schedule.   

Chapter Three:  I’m thinking about you, but I won’t call

I have all of this time, and I think about loved ones, but somehow my day goes by without reaching out. It’s like I’m in a bubble…

Chapter Four:  Give me flowers or give me a microwave

My 12-year old microwave died two nights ago.  Like most Americans, not having a working microwave is difficult to imagine.  For a family of five, it’s unimaginable.  I bravely set off with mask in hand for Home Depot.  Boy was I shocked!  People were strolling around, many with no masks, buying flowers and items for other home improvement projects with seemingly no worries in the world. While I admire people that are being productive, it’s not an ordinary day people!!

Chapter Five:  The death of my gel nails

I finally picked off my gel nails. The aftermath of no longer having fake nails is not attractive.  To make matters worse, there’s no good nail polish in the house. Looking at my hands is yet another constant reminder of what’s going on in the world. 

Chapter Six:  Oh My God, I’m bored (but unproductive)!

I could be cleaning out my bedroom closet, organizing receipts for taxes, or any number of things.  However, I feel like I’m a college kid again as I’m staying up late and binge-watching multiple series on Netflix and Amazon Prime and sleeping in until 8:30 (which is late for me).   

On a positive note, for the ending of my book, I would share this:

Final Chapter:  Hallelujah, the return of family time

I have been cooking and baking like crazy. Sitting down for dinner has become the highlight of my day. Our sons left their college apartment and have moved back home, and our high school daughter isn’t bringing her phone to the table. It has been a joy to have everyone fully present and in no hurry to leave the table.   

I’m sure that should an expert Psychologist read these chapters after the pandemic, he or she will state all of the classical reasoning for what I have shared. For now, I’ll be just like everyone else trying their best to get through this while praying for their loved ones, including previous clients, on the front lines.   

If you can relate to any of these chapters, know that you are not alone.  Stay strong my friends!  We will get through this!

P.S. Wear your masks and wash your hands



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